Resident Forms

Equity Real Estate Move Out Survival Guide

To help make the moveout experience a successful one for both parties, once we receive your NOTICE TO VACATE, you are provided the Moveout survival guide to help you with what will be expected of you prior to your departure.

Please use the following information as a guide to completing your move out, and to help you avoid deductions from your security deposit. This guide will speed up the return of your deposit. This, in conjunction with your original move in condition form, and any maintenance completed during your occupancy, will be used for your checkout inspection.

  • Your utilities must remain on through the last day of your lease contract or your move-out date, whichever date is later. If utilities have been disconnected early, you will be charged a fee of $50, plus any city utility reconnect charges, daily usage, etc.

Most of the time, we either have tenants scheduled to move in right away or work scheduled to be done. Therefore, it is imperative that you stay with your scheduled move out date.

The Following Information is provided to help you get your security deposit returned without any misunderstandings:

  • IMPORTANT … Must deliver to office a SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED POSTAGE envelope.
  • Turn in a forwarding address with the keys to EQREPM. If we do not receive a forwarding address, there will be a delay in receiving your refund. Security deposit refunds will be mailed within thirty (30) days of your lease end date or from the time we receive your forwarding address in writing, whichever is the later.
  • Remember to CLEAN your rental property inside/outside to avoid any charges against your deposit. Refer to the Resident Cleaning Checklist for further information.
  • Return all remotes (garage, ceiling fans, etc.)
  • Return keys to Equity Real Estate by NOON on the last day of your lease.
  • Have your mail forwarded with the post office.

Friendly Reminders

  • Notify all utility companies of move out date and forwarding address.
  • Forward your mail and change your address with Post Office to receive all mail at your new home.
  • EQREPM may be placing a “For Rent” sign on the property and showing the property for rent prior to the time you vacate the premises. Please be considerate when we request a convenient time to show the property.
  • Marketing During the Notice Period … After you have given notice that you intend to move, the property will be listed for rent. The most probable showing hours are between 9:00am and 7:00pm. EQREPM will make an effort to accommodate your schedule, however, the property must be available and in good condition for agents to show. You will be notified prior to showing. If there is no answer or no answering machine, we will leave notice we were there. Extra effort on your part is expected in keeping the house and yard neat and clean during marketing. Animals should be out of the way and litter boxes should be clean and odor free. The better a home shows, the more likely it will rent quickly. The faster a new resident is found, the less you will be bothered by showings. A home that shows well benefits everyone!

Moving can be expensive, don’t cause
unnecessary moving costs for yourself!

Move Out Instructions

When moving out of your present residence, one of your most important considerations will undoubtedly be taking the proper steps to ensure the prompt and complete return of your security deposit. The following guidelines are intended to assist you in preparing the property for final inspection, and the refund of your security deposit.

“normal wear and tear”

Please be aware that “normal wear and tear” does not include damages caused by a resident’s negligence, abuse or misuse of the premises such as but not limited to: broken windows, screens, doors, holes in walls, broken blinds, scraped walls or carpet stains. All damages deemed beyond “normal wear and tear” will be repaired and charged to the resident.

Security Deposit Refund
  • Security deposit refund: We’d love for you to receive the full security deposit refund. Make sure to read the below Move-Out Guide tips on avoiding security deposit deductions. Please also review carefully to understand the charging and avoiding charges from your Security Deposit.
    • The Property Owner has the final say on security deposits: We use this guide to help us determine damages to be applied to Security Deposit Deductions. In many cases the owner makes the final decision on deductions to your security deposit.
      • Security Deposit Dispute Resolution Process: If you would like to dispute the amount of your security deposit refund, please send a letter to SEE BELOW. We will review.
Security Deposit Information
  • Your unit will be inspected same day your lease expires; you must remove all belongings and clean the unit by the expiration date, no exceptions.
  • Security deposits and an itemization of deductions will be mailed to the forwarding address that was provided to our office by the residents on the vacate form. We have 30 days from the date your lease expires to return your deposit reconciliation to you. The security deposit check will be made out to all residents on the lease contract.
  • If you notice an error or discrepancy in the amount of your refund, please bring it to our attention by composing a letter stating the error you feel has occurred. You must enclose material to support your conclusion.

Address to mail the letter:

Equity Real Estate, Inc.
Attn: Deposit Refunds
110 Navarro Suite 200
College Station, TX 77845

We are not able to discuss errors or discrepancies over the phone, everything must be in writing.

Move Out Procedures

Below you will find our move out procedures that should be used to help assist you in your move out cleaning. When you assumed occupancy at your current residence, you found it in a clean and ready to move in condition unless otherwise stated on your Move-In Inspection report. Due to the very small time period between your move-out date and the new resident’s date of move-in, it is imperative that your residence be left in a very clean-move in condition. Any damages needing repair, or routine maintenance should be reported prior to your vacating the residence.

  • Your unit will be inspected same day your lease expires; you must remove all belongings and clean the unit by the expiration date, no exceptions.
  • An inspection of the premises will be conducted only after you have removed all personal belongings from the unit and returned all keys. There will be no re-inspections once you have returned keys.
  • All apartment keys must be returned to the office BY 12:00 NOON on the final day of your lease.
  • If keys are not returned on time, you will be charged for having keys or locks replaced and an additional month’s rent will be charged.
  • Roommates: Please designate one contact person to return keys and complete the forwarding address form indicating the address where you would like the deposit mailed. The deposit will be mailed to ONE PERSON ONLY and it will be this person’s responsibility to distribute the refund to other roommates.
  • Deposits are NOT allowed to be used as a rental payment!
Abandoned Property
  • Your unit will be inspected same day your lease expires; you must remove all belongings and clean the unit by the expiration date, no exceptions. All abandoned property left in a residence after keys have been turned into the office will be disposed of and charged accordingly for their removal.
  • Prorated rent: If you will be moving out before the last day of the month, you must pay prorated rent for the last month on your lease. All rent is due on the 1st, and if it is not paid by the 5th, then all applicable late fees will apply. If you fail to pay the prorated rent, the amount will be deducted from your security deposit PLUS late fees.
  • If you have auto payments set up, please remember to deactivate future auto payments as EQREPM will not be responsible for additional drafts from your account. Refunds for additional drafts based on your failure to deactivate your auto payments could take up to fifteen (15) days.
  • ALL keys are due to our office by NOON on the day your lease expires. If they are not in our office by NOON, you will be subject to hold-over charges. ALL keys (door, gate, storage, mail, access cards, remote controls, parking permits) must be turned into our office. Failure to return these items will result in a move-out charge.
    • Roommates: Please designate one contact person to return keys and complete the SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED POSTAGE envelope. The deposit will be mailed to ONE PERSON ONLY and it will be this person’s responsibility to distribute the refund to other roommates.
  • Per your contract, you MUST have your residence professionally cleaned and carpets professionally cleaned, and a receipt must be turned in to EQREPM. If receipts are not turned in with keys at time of move-out, you may be charged for re-cleaning. If residence and carpet are not professionally cleaned, EQREPM reserves the right to have the residence and carpet cleaned at the tenant’s expense. Using our preferred vendor is not required and we do not get a portion of their fees. These preferred vendors have an agreement with EQREPM to guarantee their work so that the residents (YOU) don’t have any additional fees. These are independent companies and EQREPM does not receive any “kickback” from these vendors. This is to protect the residents from using sub-par or inexperienced move-out cleaning companies that result in additional costs to the residents.
  • One check will be written for the security deposit with every tenant’s name on the lease, as per your lease contract.
  • Put trash in approved containers. If trash is left around the property or sitting by the dumpsters, you will be charged for a trash haul.
General Cleaning (all rooms):
  • Remove all personal items including personal curtains, hangers, empty all trash cans, mirrors etc.
  • Evidence of Unauthorized Pet at time of move out inspection … (Unauthorized Pet Fee $100.00 / Plus $ Carpet Deflea and Shampoo $200.00 minimum/probably more)
  • Floors: all hardwood floors should be cleared of all personal items, vacuumed, mopped to remove all dirt (including corners) waxed and buffed.
  • Vinyl floors should be vacuumed and mopped
  • Carpets: must be professionally cleaned and a receipt must be provided when keys are returned. If the carpets are not professionally cleaned, we will do them and bill your deposit
  • All rooms should be clean of cobwebs including the ceiling and all windows
  • Baseboards: thoroughly cleaned on all sides (may use warm water and mild detergent)
  • Receptacle covers and light switch plates must be cleaned
  • Closets: remove all personal belongings, cleaned
  • Light bulbs – Replace all burned out light bulbs before you leave, so that all light fixtures will be operating (there will be a charge for replacing any burned-out light bulbs).
  • Doors and thresholds: cleaned inside and out (may use warm water and mild detergent)
  • Walls: cleaned by light cleaning with a damp sponge, do not over scrub or remove paint (don’t forget trim)
  • Windows: cleaned inside including sills
  • Clean all blinds (each slat must be cleaned)
  • Fireplaces: cleaned and free of all ashes, flue closed and clean any fireplace tools that belong to the residence
  • Yard: clean of all personal items, trash and debris and grass should be mowed within 2 days of lease expiration
  • Porch/deck: clean of all personal items and debris (swept or mopped if appropriate)
  • Smoke detectors: all batteries should be in working order or replaced
Exterior: Yard Care / Landscaping:
  • If you are responsible for mowing the grass at your residence, please make sure it is mowed two days prior to your lease end date.
  • Remove all items from the yard, patio, and storage areas. Do not leave trash, dog feces, etc.
  • Windows should be intact, any broken windows will be charged to your deposit.
  • You are able to request a city pick-up for trash and furniture for an additional fee. If you chose to do this, it must be done prior to your lease expiration, or you will be charged for item removal.
  • Lawns should be mowed and well-maintained.
  • Yard waste, weeds and debris should be removed.
  • Walkways and porches should be swept.
  • Appearance of landscaping, at minimum, should be consistent with how it looked when you moved in.
  • If you are liable for exterior care and cleaning, the outside of your residence should be suitably prepared before you vacate, so it doesn’t look untended and ignored. Any debris or personal refuse should be properly disposed of. (Yard waste containers are not to be used for trash disposal – hauling companies will not separate trash from yard waste and may charge additional fees for special handling.)
Carport / Garage / Patio:
  • Patios cleaned.
  • Clean and sweep carport or garage floor.
  • Remove any oil spills.
  • Dispose of any remaining refuse.
  • Clean any storage closets or compartments.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Driveway, garage, outbuildings must be free of trash, rubbish, and loose personal property.
  • All trash and garbage to be removed from property – DO NOT PILE GARBAGE ON CURB.
  • Only what can be fit in a trash can with the lid closed may be allowed on curb.
  • If not removed a deduction will be made from the security deposit.
  • Clean refrigerator, including all shelves, crisper, footguard. Wipe off top, sides and doors, emptied of all food, defrosted freezer, and cleaned inside and out
  • Clean stovetop and oven, paying attention to broiler pan, burners or coils, drip pans, controls and the “collection” area under drip pans. – Unless your oven is a self-cleaning appliance, use oven cleaner on interior, including the door gasket. Please do not leave aluminum foil on drip pans!
  • Clean the upper and lower surfaces of the range hood and wash out metal filter (suggestion: if practical, run it through the dishwasher).
  • Clean all incidental appliances, including microwave and dishwasher.
  • Scrub sink thoroughly. Leave no refuse in disposal.
  • Empty all shelves and cabinets. Clean thoroughly, including drawer interiors and door handles.
  • Wipe spills from walls and around outlets. Clean outlet plates.
  • Wipe off counter tops and clean cutting board.
  • Clean light fixtures/covers.
  • Sweep and mop behind all appliances that can be readily moved (i.e., refrigerator).
  • Pull all appliances out and clean behind them
  • Oven, burners, broiler, under the stove top, exterior of stove, hood vents and splashguards should be free of grease, crumbs, smudges etc. The stove top should lift up so that you may clean underneath the burners.
  • Replace burner drip pans if they are soiled (can be purchased at your local Walmart)
  • Dishwasher: cleaned (including the front) and empty.
  • Microwave: cleaned inside and out.
  • Garbage disposal: clear of any items and cleaned run with a citrus cleaner (lemons will work as well for smell)
  • Cabinets: emptied and shelves wiped off – remove all shelf paper, grease, crumbs, smudges etc.
  • Counter tops: cleaned with appropriate cleaner and free of grease and debris.
  • Scrub out tub/shower and remove any decals you applied while in residence. Remove soap and water residue from pan, wall surround and glass enclosure.
  • Clean toilet inside and out.
  • Scrub sink, clean countertop, and vanity and/or medicine cabinets.
  • Polish chrome and mirror.
  • Clean light fixture/cover.
  • Sweep and mop floor.
  • Tub and/or Shower: cleaned, no soap residue, remove shower curtain (leave rod) and faucets shined. Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach as they can damage the grout.
  • Toilet: cleaned inside and out
  • Basin/Vanity: clean off all soap residue and dirt
  • Medicine cabinet: emptied, cleaned inside and out
  • Ventilation fan – Clean all dust and dirt from the cover and fan blades (remove cover to perform
Living Room / Dining Room / Family Room / Bedrooms / Hallways
  • Clean baseboards, doorframes, walls, and switch plates, removing fingerprints and other marks. Wash with mild soap solution only.
  • Remove any picture hangers, nails, or “stick-on” picture hangers from walls carefully! DO NOT RIP OFF! (Review your lease agreement for additional steps necessary to patch after removing any type of nail or hangers.)
  • Check window coverings for dirt, stains, or signs of damage. Clean as appropriate.
  • Check tops of traverse rods and valances, clean as necessary.
  • Clean windowsills, windows, and screens. Check window tracks. Clean out dirt to allow water from condensation to dissipate. Remove any stickers from windows.
  • Clean heater vent covers and change air filter.
  • Remove cobwebs throughout.
  • Vacuum closets and remove clothes hangers and other incidentals.
  • Clean light fixtures, make sure all bulbs are operational.

Resident Cleaning Checklist

You are required to return the home empty and in a clean condition.

Cleaning issues will NOT be considered to be normal wear, under any circumstances whatsoever.

All Rooms:

  • □ HOLES, or touchup paint without approval. If you paint & it does not match or if you do a poor job of filling holes,
    you will be charged for necessary painting to match the existing paint or to redo spackling.
  • □ All items should be removed from walls, hanging, or sticking
  • □ Clean all windows, windowsills, and patio doors. (including tracks).
  • □ Dust / Vacuum all blinds.
  • □ Clean all woodwork (baseboards) and counters.
  • □ Wipe out all cabinets and drawers. Remove all shelf paper.
  • □ Carpets must be professionally cleaned, and receipt turned in at time
    of surrender. If you do not present the receipt, we will have the carpets cleaned at your expense. Renting a cleaner or using your personal carpet cleaner is not sufficient.
  • □ Sweep / Mop all non-carpeted areas.
  • □ Wipe down walls, trim, doors, and faceplates.
  • □ Remove light fixtures, clean fixture, and replace burned out light bulbs.
  • □ Replace batteries in smoke alarms, keypads, or battery-operated thermostat.
  • □ Replace air conditioner / furnace filters and clean return air grate.
  • □ Make sure all window screens are in place and in good repair.
  • □ Clean lint out of dryer. Clean all lint out from behind washer & dryer.
  • □ Take trash barrel to the curb.
  • □ If you have a fireplace, it should be cleaned and free of debris; this includes cleaning mantle.
  • □ All shelving in closets, utility rooms, pantry areas, etc. should be cleaned.


  • □ Clean stove, oven, vent hood, exhaust screen and broiler.
  • □ Replace drip/range pans.
  • □ Defrost and clean refrigerator and freezer. (leave on lowest setting)
  • □ Clean behind refrigerator and stove.
  • □ Remove water from drain pan under the refrigerator after defrosting.
  • □ Clean sink.
  • □ Clean dishwasher and make sure all racks and floor plates are in place.
  • □ Clean all countertop areas (including under microwave).


  • □ Clean sinks, tubs, and toilets thoroughly.
  • □ Clean mirrors.
  • □ Make sure shower rods, towel racks, and toilet paper holders are in place.
  • □ Clean all countertop areas


  • □ For the lawn care at your residence:
  • □ Mow, edge, rake & bag leaves, water lawn. Weed any flower beds.


  • □ If you have a garage, this should be cleaned as well.
  • □ No items should be left in your home. You will be charged for removal/disposal.
  • □ Make sure all outstanding rent and maintenance charges are paid.
  • □ Report any non-working appliances, leaky plumbing, or roof leaks.
  • □ Lock all doors and windows.


  • □ If you have had an animal in your unit, we will have your unit and yard defleaed.
  • □ Carpets will be shampooed and deodorized.
  • □ Remove and bag all pet refuse.


Examples of Move-Out Charges

Dirty AC Filter$15.00Veggie Sprayer$18.00
AC Coil Clean$85.00Broken Windowvaries w/ size
Smoke Detector Battery$10.00Re-Key Door (per door)$30.00
Smoke Detector$25.00Lawn Care (small)$45.00
Toilet Paper Holder$22.50Lawn Care (med)$65.00
Towel Rack$23.50Lawn Care (large)$85.00
Window Screen$20.00Haul City Trashcan to Curb$10.00
Light Bulb$5.00Haul trash/debris to dumpvaries
Vanity Bulb$10.00Stove Pans$25.00
Door Stop$5.00Cover Plates$5.00
Standard Mini Blind$15.00-$30.00Re-paint Roommin $200.00/room
Mini Blind$30.00Wallpaper Removalmin $50.00/hour
Toilet Lid or Seat$17.50
Vertical Blind$55.00Sheetrock Damage/holesvaries
Aerator$13.50Vinyl Ripsvaries
Shower Rod$20.00Carpet Stainsvaries
Porch Light Globe$18.50Fence (pickets/gate)varies
Doorknob$17.50Dishwasher (rack/utensil)varies
Sink or Tub Stopper$7.50Oven (rack)varies
Vent-hood Filter$10.00-$30.00Refrigerator (shelf/drawer)varies

Evidence of Unauthorized Pet at time of move out inspection

(Unauthorized Pet Fee $100.00 / Plus $ Carpet Deflea and Shampoo $200.00 minimum)

All prices are not all-inclusive and are subject to change depending on type, size, and availability. This is for reference only.