Financial Reporting

 Our integrated financial/maintenance information system is the heart of our management system. This system meets and responds fully to the requirements of managing, and to reporting the results of operating investment properties as an agent for institutional and individual owners. At owner’s request we can prepare an annual budget, usually prepared in January, indicating in detail estimated income and expenses of the coming year.

Monthly Statements Consist Of:

  • Cash Flow Statement

    This document is a detail of the income generated by the property and the operating expenses. This report is extremely valuable at tax-time.
  • Income Transaction Register

    This report gives an itemized list of all income collected from the property.
  • Expense Transaction Register

    It shows the owner when the money was paid, by which unit, and when (if any) maintenance costs were paid, identifying the type of expense incurred. All original invoices are attached (no surcharge).
  • Equity keeps duplicates for future reference

    Additional operating statements can be provided on a monthly basis as part of the standard reporting package. See the following examples. Equity’s system will give the owner maximum financial report:
    • Income statement
    • Tenant directory
    • Income register
    • Expense register
    • Twelve month spread report
    • Balance sheet
    • General ledger
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