A rental home is a big investment, and Equity Real Estate Property Management can help you maximize your return while minimizing your headaches. We have a property management office in the Bryan/College Station area staffed with experienced and dedicated professionals and the best accounting system available.

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Since 1986, Equity Real Estate Services Inc. has been delivering exceptional personal service in every aspect of our multi-faceted business operations. Equity Real Estate, Bryan/College Station’s premiere property management company, manages and leases hundreds of individual properties throughout Aggieland.

We are the largest single-family dwelling property management division in metro Bryan/College Station for a reason. We have the most extensive, up-to-date property management services available in our markets.

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Working With US


Tight budgets, tight deadlines.  Taking the time to plan may seem like a corporate luxury you can’t afford.  Equity has the time.  We help you prioritize projects, develop strategies and get the job done.


  • Equity knows the questions to ask. We review your goals and objectives.


  • Equity delivers creative solutions.  You get options and costs.  You learn where you can save.  We recommend, you choose.


  • Equity has the talent.  And we match your style whether it’s, “Tell me everything” or “Tell me when it’s done”.


  • Equity presents priority and market changes.  Flexibility is mandatory.  EQ sees to it you still get the greatest return and timely reports so you know the status of every project.


  • Together, we analyze performance.  But the relationship isn’t over.  It begins again…and again.

Our Management Services

Equity is a fully integrated property management company.  Property management takes ability, training, experience, and tenacity to handle all types of property and situations.  Equity offers professional services to our clients and customers through experience, specialization, and knowledge of our marketplace, and the management business.  This is the basis for our continuing success.

  • Equity can customize its services to meet the needs of each individual client.  All of our services keep the goals of the owner in mind.  Our aim is for each and every one of our clients to achieve the highest return on their investment through maintaining the property in prime condition.
  • The management team is the most critical element in maximizing the profit potential of a real estate investment.
  • The primary goal of our team is to operate effectively by streamlining management responsibilities.  Our plan for maximizing potential income would be to implement budget control, professional maintenance, on-going physical inspection, aggressive marketing, strict accounts receivable and payable programs, and operating expense control.
  • The terms by which a property has been acquired will be constant importance to making a property successful. Equity can provide the needed expertise to enhance the property by maintaining the value of the asset.
  • Each of our seasoned professionals bring exclusive market knowledge, strong marketing, capabilities and a service-oriented approach to each and every assignment.  We take pride in our ability to design and deliver effective, results-oriented marketing plans that help re-position real estate properties.  Our value-oriented approach is of particular importance to clients in today’s highly competitive volatile real estate market.
  • Because of our in-depth market knowledge, our office brokerage professionals are often sought after when a client has a “problem” property. Starting with a thorough market analysis, we develop a comprehensive and flexible marketing plan for each property.  Observing and constant monitoring of the plan, together with our aggressive, results-oriented team approach, are our trademarks.

What Can We Do For You?

With all the regulations, legal issues and liabilities involved with a rental property, it is in your best interest to hire a professional property management company. Our office is local so we can visit your property quickly when necessary, and our property managers have an average of 10 years experience. We can help with:

  • Maximizing your investment return(s).
  • Handling the headaches of managing a property.
  • Marketing and advertising your property locally and remotely.
  • Thoroughly screening applicants and helping you select quality tenants.
  • Interacting with tenants — negotiating and preparing leases, coordinating maintenance and collecting rent.
  • Surveying your property.
  • Coordinating the maintenance and repair of your property/properties.

Why Buy Investment Property?

You make investments to secure your future. In the market recently, stable industries have been shaken, dot coms have become dot bombs, and tech stocks have plummeted. However, throughout the economy’s downturn, one commodity has stayed the course and remained solid — investment property.

Here’s why it is a good idea to buy property and have a professional company manage it:

  • Real estate values continue to rise during an unstable economy.
  • Rental property revenue has historically increased at a steady rate.
  • Depreciation of property and deductible expenses may lower your taxes.
  • Property can have a higher yield than bonds and other stable investments.
  • The rental market is not going to disappear. In fact, with this area’s strong retirement, diplomatic, academic
    and contractor presence, rental property is always in demand.
  • Your rental income can be used to offset expenses