Our Mission


Principles by Which We Do Business
We recognize that our company is made up of partnerships between its agents, staff, management and clients. In these partnerships, we will work together to accomplish the very best results for all.

Equity Real Estate wants to empower agents and employees to continue to bring the company to new levels of accomplishment through quality, integrity, innovation and a passion for excellence–the hallmarks of the company’s success.

Technology and market forces are ever changing. We will pay attention to these changes and be innovative to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge.

Our integrity, both personal and corporate, is fundamental to our business practice. Without integrity, we cannot adequately address our associates’ needs.

We are a learning-based organization. Education and its application is an ongoing process. It is all part of creating a “Personal Best” culture within our organization.

These principles enable us to be the architects of change. This, in turn, allows us to provide the very best service to our partners.

This extensive array of services brings value for all clients and additional opportunities for agents of the firm.

All of this is complemented by providing a highly supportive environment to allow agents to maximize their service effectiveness and personal productivity.

Technology is maximized, and education and mentoring are important components. Under committed local ownership, the organization enjoys a very spirited and familial atmosphere that is conductive to the success of everyone who participates.

Equity Real Estate Services’ strong, sustained growth promises continued opportunities throughout the area. Whether buying, selling, or maintaining a home; transferring employees; looking for an office building for your business or one to call home for your real estate career, EQ is the place to be.

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