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Equity Real Estate Services provides community association management and developer services to Bryan/College Station and the great surrounding areas. Since 1986, our sole focus has been to deliver performance that enriches communities and enhances the lives of the people we serve.

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Every community is different.

Although they may often appear similar, each has its own unique needs, desires and obligations. And these attributes may change from year to year as new leadership emerges.

Community associations are also complex. As a legal entity, they are businesses and are subject to corporate procedures and regulatory requirements. As a governmental entity, they have the exceptional ability to tax their citizens, enact “laws,” and assets fines.

Existing in their current form for only about 30 years, community associations are still a relatively new and evolving form of real estate ownership. Unfortunately, because they are so new, different, and complex, few people really understand them. And in most states, anyone can call themselves a community manager – there are no criteria, licensing requirements or regulations.

The selection of a management team for the community is therefore the single most important function of the Board of Directors.

The quality of that decision will determine the effectiveness of the community, and directly impact its operational costs, quality of life for the residents, and the appreciation of their property values.

With every association we serve comes new challenge, new opportunities, and a new way to manage success. We offer a unique advantage to our clientele: the chance to have local contact with experts in multiple trades while utilizing national resources — giving you the best of all worlds.

So why trust Equity Real Estate Services professionals with the future of your association? Because representing homeowners in many communities throughout the greater Bryan/College Station area has given our staff of professionals the hands-on experience to face any challenge successfully.

We also bring a wide base of collective know-how to you: the knowledge to support you in fields ranging from accounting and information technology to building maintenance and everything in between.

At Equity, we are focused on providing superior service with definitive results that ensure success and longevity for our communities.

That’s why we value so highly our fully trained staff and take pride in employing the industry’s most highly accredited and designated team. What’s more, we integrate the latest software and technology into our services, allowing you to stay informed and to receive a higher standard of service.

We have raised the bar for community association management. Are you interested in being provided with excellent service and working with unmatched professionalism?

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