Developers and Builders


Bringing your vision to life.

We help take original ideas and turn them into smartly managed and completed projects that exceed expectation. Our longstanding partnerships with national, regional, and boutique developers and builders are based on providing service from planning and construction, through marketing and ultimate turnover to buyers.

We’re the one constant all parties can count on. With a history of excellence and some of the most highly trained professionals in the industry, we have a lot to offer you and even more to offer your association residents. Our staff brings the collective wealth of industry knowledge that comes from having the nation’s top accreditations. That means whatever the trend, issue or problem that needs to be solved, we’re on top of it all, giving you the service, comfort and quality that only the Equity name provides.

From the initial building stages to protecting the long-term viability of your investment, we know what it takes to make your job easier and keep your association residents satisfied.

A partner for the road ahead.

At Equity Real Estate Services, we provide developers and builders the peace of mind that comes from only having to work with one community association partner throughout the building process. That means one team, one contact dedicated to helping you with every aspect — expected and unexpected — that might come up along the way, including:

  • Community formation
  • Architectural review
  • Preparing initial operating budgets
  • Creation of rules and regulations
  • Performing ongoing operations
  • Resident communications
  • Developer/builder transition to homeowners
  • Custom tailored, property-specific pioneer programs that enhance developer reputations and accelerate sales velocity

Our professionals share in a philosophy of frequent communication with clients, prompt customer service, and the best education and training available in the industry today. All ensuring a commitment to excellence and continued success for your community, your company, and your residents at-large.

With comprehensive planning from day one and incomparable personal attention to client needs, we have achieved an enviable record of working with leading developers — from the nation’s largest companies to niche, project-by-project builders. Discover how the team at Equity can help you build the foundation you need for future success.

Grow your investment.

Only a company that combines professional management with a strong focus on building value can help developments like yours achieve the results and lasting success that are expected.

With a network of experts that rank among the best trained in the industry, we keep our edge thanks to a wide range of services and industry professionals who remain relentless in their pursuit of excellence. What does that mean to you? It means having the backing of the finest talent that the community management industry has to offer.

Growing your investment takes an expert eye and multi-faceted analysis that helps you monitor every level of performance. That’s why we help you with all big picture items including operational budgets and strategic planning, to name a few, ensuring that you are well taken care of and that your future homeowners spread the positive word about your brand of service.

Insight into what you need from day one.

Our expert team devotes unparalleled attention to every facet of your operations.From the initial stages to move in and beyond, we have you covered from the moment you’re ready to get started.

It’s comforting to know that Equity has services to meet every need that your organization will likely encounter. No matter what the question is regarding your community, we can get the answer and recommend a ready solution.

Here’s just a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Planning and support from land acquisition through construction and move-in
  • Architectural review
  • Preparation for opening operations
  • Document review
  • Project management
  • Budget and capital planning
  • Vendor selection management
  • Employee training
  • Accounting services
  • Insurance analysis
  • Public relations
  • Move-in procedures
  • Rules and regulations
  • Reserve expenditures
  • Welcome books, packages, manuals, newsletters and websites
  • Rental agreements
  • Project specific programs and specialized services

At Equity Real Estate Services, we take our standing as an industry leader and pioneer very seriously. It’s something we take great pride in and one of the reasons that we are able to pass on many great services,programs and savings to our clients everyday. With references from the finest developers and success stories involving the most recognized addresses, we have much to offer developers and builders alike.

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