Community Associations


We make your job easier.

At Equity Real Estate Services, we know that a lot of work goes into managing successful community associations. That’s why we put our expertise, knowledge and resources to work for you everyday.

To begin, we introduce your association to innovative programs that can save time and money. Then, we help you to find the right vendors to partner with to meet your association’s special needs. From there, our team of experts will assist in overseeing operations and financial matters, managing staff and maintenance needs, creating community newsletters and websites, and so much more.

There’s no question we can’t answer or problem that we can’t help to solve. Equity serves many communities throughout the Bryan/College Station area and provides unparalleled local advantages for your association and its members.

The right partner makes all of the difference.

As with everything in life, having the right people on your side can make a world of difference. At Equity, we understand that much hard work goes into assuring that your association runs smoothly while assuring that residents are pleased. It’s a balancing act unlike any other and one that we’ve perfected.

When you choose Equity as your management partner, you get a carefully selected community management team that will help maintain the balance. From full community management to project consulting, your Equity manager and administrative team can handle the full range of duties with confidence – from managing meetings, to handling correspondence, from preparing financial statements to coordinating maintenance needs and answering questions from the board of directors or association members at large.

As an industry pioneer and innovator, we at Equity Real Estate Services take pride in managing successful associations in the Bryan/College Station and the greater surrounding areas. We have a proven track record of helping associations just like yours run smoothly and in accordance with their governing documents and statutory requirements.

Blending local, personal service with industry expertise.

At Equity, we have a deep respect and appreciation for each of our communities, no matter the size. We never forget that each community is special and has unique needs. In fact, it’s our depth of hands-on experience that helps us provide personal attention with industry expertise.

We have the personal touch. With Equity, you never lose that individual attention. But you can also benefit by tapping into the collective experience of our management experts. When we talk about industry “best practices,” we can deliver.

We are local. Our offices are managed locally, showing our devotion to your neighborhood, the communities we serve, and to our well-trained staff which is committed to increasing the value of your investment.

We are a team. It takes more than one person to manage a community association. Equity’s team of proven professionals works together to help increase the value of your community, provide complete management and financial services, and focus on your issues as needed. Community association management requires expertise in a broad range of diverse disciplines and Equity Real Estate Services excels in them all, including accounting and collection services, building maintenance, architectural compliance, statutory review, and governing document implementation and interpretation.

The quality of management can dramatically impact operational costs, the quality of life for the residents and the appreciation of their property values.

The purchase of a home represents the largest investment most people will ever make during their lives. Protecting and enhancing the property values of these homes is one of the primary purposes of a community association and a key driver of Equity’s service menu and programs.

The determination of property values, however, is not an exact science. Property values are often determined by the marketability of the home and its surrounding community.

Communities develop reputations. Some are well maintained and look great. They are valued by their residents for providing vital and efficient services. Their residents are happy, and enjoy where they live. As a result, these communities often achieve greater appreciation in property values than others. And the reason can usually be attributed to good management.

So what is the value of good management… and likewise the cost of poor management? Let’s create an example: If a community has 100 homes, and each home has an average market value of $350,000 then the total collective property value of the community would be $35 million (100 homes x $350,000). If, as a result of being well managed and maintained, the property values within that community rose 5% instead of 4% per year, then the collective incremental increase in property values achieved through good management would equate to an astounding $350,000 ($35 million x 1%)!

The value of good management in this example would result in an additional $350,000 for the community or $3,500 per home per year.

Conversely, if the community was not maintained or managed as well, the collective cost of poor management would equate to the same $350,000. Ironically, some communities consciously choose to reduce the quality of their services, diminish the appearance of their buildings or grounds, or select a cheaper management company in the belief that they will save a few dollars.

Unfortunately, a savings of five or even ten thousand dollars in management fees or services, in this example, would have instead resulted in the loss of $350,000.

Take a look at your own community and perform the same calculations to roughly determine your association value. Is your community making the same mistake?

In addition to the day-to-day care that Equity provides to each of the communities we manage, we also look at the big picture. We create our services and educate our professionals not only to serve our residences with individual attention and integrity, but also to protect the value of the homes we oversee.

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