Calculating Pro-Rated Rent

Calculating Pro-Rated Rent


1.ALWAYS pro-rate rent by 30 days.

2. TRIPLE check the amount calculated before filling it out on the lease contract!

3. To Calculate…

1. Divide rental amount by 30 to get the amount of rent that is due per day.

2. Count how many days (including move in date) that remain in the month.

3. Multiply the rent per day by the amount of days remaining in the month (always round to the nearest hundredth place).

4. Re-calculate and make sure you get the same number!

4. Here is an example

Tenant is moving in on December 17th. The rental amount of the unit is $500.00.
We are going to divide $500 by 30, this comes out to $16.666666666666666666666666666667.

Next we are going to calculate how many days the tenant will be living in the unit for December- 15.

$16.666666666666666666666666666667 X 15 days = pro rated rent of $250.00