Detailed FAQs

Download the Full-Text FAQsWhat is a homeowners association?

What are open records for members?

What empowerment does the membership have?

Can I pay my dues electronically or by credit or debit card?

Board of Directors

What is the purpose of a Board of Directors and what is their Role?Who makes up the Board of Directors?

What empowerment does the Board of Directors have?

How is the Board of Directors elected? What is the election process?

Can anyone run for the Board or who can be elected?

I don’t want to run for the Board but would like to assist in a
Committee? What are the requirements?

What is a Proxy and its purpose?

Is it mandatory I complete a Proxy if I’m not attending the meeting?

What are association committees?

What are my options of communication when it comes to contacting my Community Manager or Board of Directors?

Why can’t I get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of my Board of Directors? Don’t they work for me?

Is there one vote per family member?

Budgets and Assessments

Do we have a budget?How can I find out how my Association dues are being utilized?

What are Assessments and how are they spent?

Are my Assessments fixed or can they be raised?

What is a Special Assessment?

I hear the terminology, Homeowner Assessments, Homeowner dues, Homeowner Fees. Is there a difference?

Other Questions

If I have lost the copy of the Association documents I received at my closing, how do I obtain another copy?I have lost my Association dues statement or coupon book, where do I send my payment?

Who do I contact if I want to update my personal or gate information?

I would like to start external projects on my home i.e. Sprinklers, building a shed, etc. Are there any requirements or guidelines?

Are the Rules in place to settle homeowner disputes?

What is deemed a Common Area Facility?

When selling my home, who at my management company do I need to contact?

Management Questions

Why is it when I call to speak to my Community Manager, he or she is not always available?How does Equity Real Estate, the management company, handle issues and complaints?

Other FAQs

How It All Works

Duties of the Board

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