Design for Success

Equity Real Estate is an organization that is literally built from the ground up for the single purpose of creating unmatched levels of success among all of its employees.  It’s a formula that yields years of continuous growth, allowing us to become one of the industry’s most prominent success stories.

Training and Assistance

Equity Real Estate’s program is one-of-a-kind in ideology and methodology.  The training is innovative, intense, and progressive.  We begin with a Training Program that is designed to get you off to a quick start and equip you with all of the information and tools that you need to begin achieving success.  Once your initial training is complete, our staff is available to you when you need them with on ongoing and periodic meetings, training and information that will continue to assist you in every stage of your business.

Technology Tools

Equity Real Estate is committed to being the real estate industry’s technology leader.  We equip every Sales Associate with all of the tools, technology and resources—including the EQ’s website and EQ “Support” extranet site—needed to achieve success.Equity Real Estate Services Inc. is a diversified, full-service company, experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of the real estate industry and capable of serving every community and price range.Ours is a goal-oriented company — we believe our people are our most valuable resource.  They are regarded with respect and dignity but will be objectively measured by the quality of their performance.We believe in management by example; our management team is capable, aggressive, creative and committed to the growth of our people as individuals.  We believe strong leadership is essential and must be applied with sensitivity and mutual trust as sound business practice warrants.  We believe that quality of service requires a commitment to life-long learning and excellence in training and education.We believe a strong sense of personal accountability for honesty, reliability and fairness is crucial for everyone from owners to management to every member of the team.  Each of us IS the company.  We believe in being the best and are proud of our reputation as a successful, growth-oriented company and the leader in real estate.

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